The implementation of a virtual experiment system on computer networks

Sun Yan-lian and Wen Fu-an
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Beijing, China

How to conduct laboratory experiments over the Internet is still a difficult problem to handle, and this becomes an important issue in the development of distance learning. The main thrust of this paper is to explore how such experiments can be carried out in distance learning, drawing on the research on virtual computer network laboratory experiment systems.

The paper introduces recent developments in distance education in China and discusses the need to develop a virtual experiment system. Then, after surveying similar virtual systems and research on the characteristics of computer network experiments, the author outlines the design and development of a proposed system which is based on Java, can run on different platforms and browsers, and allows the carrying out of experiments online. The structure and functions of this computer network virtual experiment system represent a significant advance in solving the difficulty of conducting laboratory experiments on the Internet.