Learning about computer software: an innovative approach

Shi Minggui and Wang Qiang
Central Radio & TV University
Beijing, China

There has been a very significant increase in the use of computer software as a result of the enlarged scope and number of programs available and the speed of upgrading. The traditional approach to studying areas such as science, technology and culture are unsuitable for learning about computer software: the time and cost involved rule out the current use of books, face-to-face training and websites for learning in this area.

Easy Computer Era (ECE) -- a program which comprises a book, a website and a specialist -- offers a solution to problems in the teaching and learning of computer software. This program has the following key features: step-by-step solutions; direct and clear answers, not multiple-choice items; the provision of solutions online so that users can access them any time they want; the provision of 48 hours' help by specialists and of lifelong support, including software upgrade and a service package supported by the National Modern Distance Education Resource Bank. With the help of ECE, people don't study software but use it -- just like using language with the help of a dictionary.

The strengths and limitations of ECE, and samples of ECE products, are discussed.