Knowledge management in distance education: a case study of teaching and learning

Le Jun
Guangdong Radio & TV University
Guangzhou, China

This paper presents a case study of knowledge management (KM) in teaching and learning in distance education in Guangdong Radio & TV University. Using action research and systematic analysis methods, the authors aimed to improve teaching and learning, enhance the quality of the curriculum and provide learning support services. The active framework consists of a few online curricula, teachers, distance learners, a technologist, web technology tools, an online community of practice, instructional design, information resources, and KM. A network-based technology environment was constructed and data mining was applied to discover the nature of the learning behaviour. Tacit knowledge sharing was emphasized by forming a virtual community of practice and interaction for teaching and learning.

The paper outlines the project, presents several challenges and puts forward some strategies for KM in curriculum development in distance education.