A study of Web-based teaching in distance education in western China

Wang Fuqing
Shaanxi Radio & TV University
Shaanxi, China

Web-based teaching is a very important aspect of the reforms in distance education. However, due to the slow development of education and culture and economic instability, there are still some challenging questions about the use of Web-based teaching in China, especially in the western areas.

This paper analyses the requirements for Web-based teaching in these areas in an effort to meet the needs in the following five respects: the appropriate multiple Internet-based teaching and learning approaches; the suitable Web-based teaching resources; the training approaches necessary for developing staff skills in Web-based teaching; the various patterns of Web-based interactive teaching activity; and the provision of Web-based teaching support services.

Overall, the paper discusses ways of providing more convenient, prompt, and efficient educational services in remote areas to enhance the level of teaching and learning and provide for people's lifelong learning.