Teaching Information Systems Subjects to Part-time Accounting Students in Hong Kong from an Entertainer's Perspective

Joseph K K Ho
ABRS Professional Learning Service
Hong Kong SAR, China

Teaching part-time accounting students information systems subjects is a challenge for the teacher- cum-entertainer. While applying a hybrid learning approach to address this issue is useful, the nature of the problem domain is messy.

This paper examines the teaching of part-time accounting students preparing for professional examinations mainly from the perspective of a teacher-cum-entertainer. It explores opportunities for adopting hybrid learning approaches in this education sector. By using a soft systems perspective and the teacher role models of LjosÂ, the intersubjectivity of such an endeavour is highlighted, and a general direction for conducting it is portrayed. The discussion is based on the writer's own teaching experience, his review of the relevant literature on hybrid learning and his educational exposure to soft systems methodology (SSM). The paper argues for a practical and intersubjective approach that does not overlook teaching ideals in the process.