Rapid e-Learning:
Rapid application, reducing costs, increasing speed of development

with Ray Jimenez PhD, CEO of Vignettes for Training, Inc.

Fee: HK$2106 (US$270) (refreshments & lunch included)
Participants: 30
Date: 11 July 2007
Time: 9 a.m.– 5 p.m.
Duration: 6 hours
Venue: Room A1217, The Open University of Hong Kong

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Ray Jimenez's workshops on Rapid e-Learning demonstrate a quick and cost-effective method of organizing and delivering e-learning content. The workshops are in demand in North America and elsewhere, where Mr Jiminez has been praised for being 'fun', 'engaging', 'technically savvy' and 'inspiring'.

This workshop at the Open University of Hong Kong is suitable for e-learning practitioners and any one interested in e-learning. It will provide an opportunity to get up to speed with the Rapid e-Learning approach.

Mr Jimenez's workshops are practical and hands-on. Users will leave the workshop having tried out the approach and armed with resources and materials to help carry it out effectively.

Learning materials

The following materials will be provided to participants:

Workshop objectives

Workshop outline

Session 1
  • Assessing how your institution or school can benefit from 3-Minute & Rapid e-Learning
  • Learning how to capture, organize and present the costs and benefits
  • Understanding new e-learning behaviors and Web 2.0 technologies.
Session 2
  • Building 3-Minute & Rapid e-Learning following the Rapid and Organic Design Process, a proprietary instructional system
  • Acquiring the skills, tools, templates, methods and processes to implement the 3-Minute & Rapid e-Learning Program.
Session 3
  • Designing interactive programs using Rapid e-Learning Design
  • Applying the five types of interactive design.
Session 4
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to implement 3-Minute & Rapid e-Learning.
Session 5
  • Sampling software that supports 3-Minute & Rapid e-Learning
  • Learning methods to reduce development costs up to 30% while increasing the speed of development by as much as 300%
  • Completing a prototype model during the workshop
  • Implementing project management tools, documentation and budgeting
  • Using collaboration tools for rapid development and review.
How the Workshop is conducted
  • Short presentations of key learning ideas
  • Group and individual exercises applying these ideas
  • Group discussions and exchange
  • Viewing of online examples and demos for discussion
  • Pre- and post-workshop project monitoring and assistance by joining a collaboration center. Participants will be provided advance access to an online tool for planning and viewing all demos, examples and illustrations, and will be able to ask Ray Jimenez pre- and post-workshop questions.

About Ray Jimenez, PhD

Ray Jimenez is the CEO of Vignettes for Training, Inc., a systems development and consulting company specializing in e-Learning and Performance Systems and online course development. Ray has over 25 years experience in the consulting and training industry. He started his career as a management consultant of Coopers and Lybrand in the areas of information management systems and management training. He has delivered lectures and workshops and consulted with clients in the United States, Asia and Europe. Ray has designed the architecture of several e-learning and e-performance software and management systems.

Ray is the author of 3-Minute e-Learning, Scenario-Based e-Learning, and Rapid e-Learning. Among his clients are Booz Allen Hamilton, Ernst & Young, Psychological Associates, Transamerica Financials, Boeing Company, Ryland Homes, Countrywide Home Loans, Oracle Corporation, the US Air Force, Oakwood Worldwide, Aramark, Chipotle Restaurants, and the National Aeronautic Space Administration (NASA). Ray has presented to several associations and business organizations, including the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Training Magazine Events, and the e-Learning Guild. He completed his PhD at St Peter's College and Studies in Interactive Media from University of California, Los Angeles.

WiFi2007: World's first WiFi/WiMAX/3.5G land and air survey and workshop


Regular: HK$3,980
Members of supporting organizations: HK$3,500
(Lab book, light lunch, tour bus survey and helicopter survey included.)

Limited seats:

Only 20 seats are available

Date: 11 July 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Venues: 1. Technology Lab, OUHK Homantin Campus
2. Peninsula Hotel

Click registration form to print out the form and fax to (852) 2396 5009.

For enquiries, please contact:

Ir Dr Philip Tsang,
Tel: (852) 9202 5680


• The Open University of Hong Kong
• St Paul's Convent School
• E-Zone
• Research Centre for Ubiquitous Computing, HKBU
• Caritas France Hsu College


• SmarTone Vodafone
• ComputerWorld (HK)
• TelecomAsia
• HK Police IT Group

This is a post-conference workshop of the ICT2007 Conference on ‘Enhancing Learning through Technology' ( This post-conference workshop aims to:

Come join us, benefit from new ideas, and share initiatives, strategies and visions for the future use and survey of WiFi, WiMAX, 3.5G and wireless communications in general. Those who are new to our survey may be interested in checking out our WiFi2006 events at


Agenda on 11 July 2007 (Wednesday)

Speakers (tentative only)
9:00-9:05 Welcome

Prof. K C Ho,
Dean S&T (OUHK)

9:05-9:40 How to develop an educational wireless LAN experiment Prof. Bebo White
(Stanford University)
9:40-10:05 Introduction to WiMAX and current development status

Dr K F Tsang
(City U)

10:05-10:30 Selected Location-based Applications for Ubiquitous Computing Prof. Joseph Ng
(HK Baptist University)
10:40-11:40 Broadband router with AP and WLAN hardware, wireless LAN operation
(channel, router, SSID, port-forwarding, AP setup, NIC setup, deployment guidelines, security setup)

Casper Lau
Jacky Mak


Hong Kong experience and current status (previous results) wireless LAN security (WEP, WPA, MAC address, RADIUS)
Approach -- equipment, WiFi survey by foot/driving/flying, monitoring software, data to be collected, analysis method

Ir Dr Paul Kwok

11:50-12:00 Special network program developed for WiFi2007 and visualization of data

Christopher White
Casper Lau

Light lunch
12:45-14:45 Wireless/WiMAX/3.5G survey by tour bus

Ir Dr Philip Tsang
(field work)


World's first WiFi/WiMAX/3.5G flying survey
Report of survey and reflection

Ir Dr Philip Tsang
(meeting place: Peninsula Hotel main lobby)